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a list of the endangered species of Transylvania, Romania

The list below is a link to the pages which make reference to the actual known situation of the endangered plant and animal species of Transylvania irrespective whether they are or are not included on the european and national lists of prioritary species.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of species, especially in the case of the Transylvanian hilly area which despite the fact that they are on the European lists of prioritary species are not at all truly endangered or rare in the region (i.e. Echium russicum, Crambe tataria ). On the other hand there are many species which are to be encountered in the European Union only in Romania or even only in Transylvania but are not recorded on any list.

The list below is of course totally incomplete and therefore totally opened (actually it consists  mostly of the species the developers of this site worked upon) and we wait also for other contributors to publish here, under their authority their data about the rare species of Transylvania (GPS and GIS data and themes, photographs, releves, reports on the field situations encountered). The secrecy mania about the general data of the sites and species we know is not anymore a viable manner to treat the nature of Transylvania. We should be open and united in order to preserve what it still can be preserved of our precious flora and fauna.

Achillea impatiens, Adonis volgensis, Allium atropupureum , Allium obliquum, Astragalus asper , Astragalus dasyanthus, Astragalus exscapus ssp. transsylvanicus , Astragalus peterfii , Bulbocodium vernum , Centaurea atropurpurea , Centaurea orientalis , Centaurea reichenbachii , Centaurea ruthenica, Centaurea solstitialis , Centaurea trinervia , Crepis pannonica, Crepis sibirica, Delphinium simonkaianum, Digitalis ferruginea, Dracocephalum austriacum, Goniolimon tataricum , Gypsophila collina, Haplophyllum suaveolens , Hypericum umbellatum, Iris humilis, Iris pontica , Krascheninnikovia ceratoides , Lamium bithynicum, Ligularia sibirica, Ligularia glauca, Nepeta ucranica, Paeonia tenuifolia, Peucedanum latifolium , Peucedanum officinale , Peucedanum rochelianum , Plantago schwarzenbergiana , Plantago cornuti , Plantago maxima , Polygala sibirica, Scutellaria supina , Scutellaria alpina , Serratula lycopifolia , Serratula wolffii , Veratrum nigrum, Thlaspi kovatsii 

The following species though included in EU or Romania's priority lists are not rare for the region of Transylvania but they are indicators of a good preservation of the sites where they grow - especially when represented by large populations. They are hence of great use because all the sites where they are identified must be declared as NATURA 2000 habitats.

Echium russicum, Crambe tataria

The following species though endemic are not rare for the areas of Transylvania where there are proper habitats for them, and therefore their survival is not yet a matter of concern however they need constant monitoring

Thymus comosus, Viola jooi, Cephalaria radiata

The list below contains species which in the nearby future will become very rare and probably they will need similar attention as the ones in the first list. Their Transylvanian populations continually get contracted and many of them suffer total extinction.

Linum nervosum, Dianthus collinus ssp. glabriusculus, Dianthus armeriastrum, Centaurea triumfettii ssp. axillaris, Clematis integrifolia, Clematis recta, Centaurea stenolepis ssp. bansagensis, Salvia nutans, Peucedanum tauricum

All the lists above are yet opened.
























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