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Nepeta ucranica L.


A typical steppe xeric-mesoxeric species of the section Oxynepeta which is present in the EU only in Transylvania and north-eastern Bulgaria. A lot of the Transylvanian populations mentioned in the XIXth or XXth centuries were not recovered and are probably extinct. Only six seemingly still survive in the region and in the whole country


The population from Cluj-Napoca Sfantu Gheorghe Hill

The population from Valea Florilor - Gorganu Hill

The population from Zau de Campie - Bota Mare Hill

The populations fom Frata - Parului Hill and Tertiu Face

The population from Mihesu de Campie - Mare Hill

The population from Saulita - Saulita's Cliff

The population of the species from Suatu - Banffy Hill (inside the natural reservation Suatu I) is of an artificial nature and as the former ranger of the reservation mr. Frateanu told us it was done by him by using seeds collected by Alexandru Borza in the period between the two world wars. Unfortunately the artificial nature of this population was not published anywhere and it was mentioned in detail also in a study by Resmerita (1971).





















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