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Krascheninnikovia ceratoides Gueldenstd.


A truly glacial relic species which is not an inhabitant of the boreal bogs in the mountains but of the cold dry steppes

The species of Krascheninnikovia are typical inhabitants of the cold subdesert steppes of Central Asia and North America like Krascheninnikovia ceratoides in Central Asia (it is a common species in the subdesert continental cold steppes of Mongolia) and Krascheninnikovia lanata in North America. In Europe it is a remnant of a cold dry climate vegetation which almost certainly was a common component of the landscape in the time of the Last Glacial Maximum (18.000 years ago).

Though it a very rare and relic presence in Europe (like in the subdesert steppes of Central Asia) it is amost always associated with the graminean species Agropyron cristatum creating glacial steppe relic ecosystems and habitats) it is not enlisted among the priorirary species.

In Central Europe it can  be found only in Austria (2 localities) and Romania (3 localities - all only in Transylvania)). Seemingly it is extinct from Hungary.

The population from Vultureni - Dealul Mare

The population from Groapa Radaii - Coasta lui Orban

The population from Frata - Onisie




















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