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Centaurea trinervia Steph.









Centaurea trinervia Steph.

Centaurea trinervia Steph. is a Pontic xeric - mesoxeric steppe species which ranges from the steppes north from the Caucasus up to the Prut river at the border between Moldova and Romania. The Transylvanian populations are totally isolated from the main range of the species and are the single ones to be found on the territory of EU. Despite the facts that they are only a few and quite small the species was not yet included on any list of prioritary species, national or European.

Below there are the known populations of the species from Transylvania. All are located in the so called 'Transsylvanian Plain' (actually a hilly area) on the sunny slopes of the Transsylvanian forest-steppe zone.

However due to the actual situation of the populations and the habit of the plant we do believe that this species has populations which cannot be threatened by over-collections so we will deliver here the real coordinates. Instead all the populations are actually or potentially heavily threatened by sheep overgrazing.

Western Transylvanian Plain

Cluj-Napoca at Fanatele Clujului - 'Coparsae'  (viable and dense but however quite small populations almost all inside a nature reservation)

Cluj-Napoca on 'Sfantu Gheorghe' Hill and 'Harom Domb' (viable and dense populations)

Viisoara - Hadareni on 'Grindeni' Cliff (viable and dense populations which are the fragments from a much larger one)

Valea Florilor - Ploscos on 'Gorganu' Hill (a group of 42 and one of 4 individuals)

Boj Catun - Cojocna on 'Straja Mare' Hill (a small but very dense group of more than 100 individuals)

Crairat on 'Camarasu / Botorom' Hill  (reminiscent population - 4 individuals remained in very bad conditions)

Crairat on 'Halau' Hill (reminiscent population - 4 individuals)

Bodrog on a slope above the village

Central Transylvanian Plain

Balda at 'Capul Fanatelor'

Eastern Transylvanian Plain

Satu Nou on Covata valley


























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