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Astragalus peterfii Jav.


The species which is the single real local endemic species for the Transylvanian Basin

Astragalus peterfii Jav. was discovered only in 1916 in the vicinities of Suatu village in the western central part of the Transylvanian Basin. It is a xeric-mesoxeric steppe species closely related to Astragalus vesicarius L. In no way this octoploid taxon can be paralleled with Astragalus vesicarius ssp. pastellianus as one study unconvingly tried to affirm in a low estate journal from Italy. More probably Astragalus peterfii is a result of autoploid speciation which affected a local isolated group of populations of Astragalus vesicarius. Still such two populations still exist north-east of Cluj-Napoca, totally isolated from the compact populations of Astragalus vesicarius from the western and south-western Transylvania.

The population from Suatu - Banffy Hill

The population from Caianu - Fegheu Hill



















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