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Centaurea ruthenica Lam.


Centaurea ruthenica Lam.







the rarest and the worst threatened plant species in the Transylvanian region

This beautiful species is a component of the typical subgenus Centaurea L. which probably contains the most primitive species of the genus. Its range is huge, from Transylvania up to Pamiro-Alai (not Altai!) mountainous group in Central Asia but as Tzvelev (1956) wrote in Flora USSR vol. 28 'it consists in fact of small islands' which dissappear one by one. The species is very sensitive to human impact upon the environment, especially overgrazing and ploughing which destroys its habitat but also to the destruction of mesoxeric bushes from the forest-steppe with Amygdalus nana, Prunus spinosa, Crataegus monogyna etc thorugh fire by shepherd.

In Romania and in the whole European Union this species survives only in two small populations from Transylvania which are totally isolated from the main range of the species and which can be easily destroyed by over collection in a few minutes. Therefore we will not publish here the precise coordinates of them. Any researcher who needs to have a field inspection of the population should ask us and if the reason is well fundamented we will gladly conduct him or her to the spots.

Despite the aforementioned facts the species is included solely on the Romania's national proritary species.

The population from Boju-Iuriu de Campie

The population from Bontida-Jucu





















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