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How to use the digital camera to thoroughly photograph a species of plant, animal or a habitat

Images are very powerful in all life domains and especially in exploring the nature. Almost every guy on the surface of the planet has now a digital camera which is a very powerful tool which is howerver totally underused for banal ladscapes or family pictures. In concerning naturalists they all have tons of photographs of species and habitats they see during their explorations (as I have) which was only a dream for the guys living in Romania before the year, let's say, 2003. But how useful are actually they if they remain lost in our personal computers and forgot even in our brains. Let's share the most important ones in the reason for all of us to know what actually remained of the nature of Transylvania.

When we do photograph of a species carefully take pictures of it's habit and habitat.  Also of its individuals main parts (in the reason to see the details which will make it much easier recognizeable) but do not tforget the tiny and much subtie characters that are identification tips for the species photographed. If possible take pictures that help estimate the density of the individuals in the populations. Do not foget to provide the picture with data about the day and hour it was taken and precise location. The characters of the habitat that are easily recognizable on the Google Earth are very much appreciated.






















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