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Bulbocodium vernum L.



Bulbocodium vernum a spring forest-steppe saffron closely related to the much diverse and widespread genus Colchicum L. is a meadow-steppe species with a curious range being spread in the meadow-steppe grasslands from the Pannonian and Transylvanian Basins and in the forest-steppes north from the Black Sea. In the Alps, Pyrennes and in the Apeninnes the species can be found at higher altitudes in subalpine or boreal grasslands. Such an ecological vicariance can be found also in many other species like Iris ruthenica in Romania or in the closely related couple Scutellaria supina - Scutellaria alpina throughout Eurasia. It seems to be a legation of the last glacial ages when the steppe grasslands and the subapline / alpine ones were in close contact without being separated by forestry belts as they are now in Europe and Eastern Asia (and yet they are in close contact in the mountains of Central Asia).

The remained populations from Romania and Transylvania are very weak and most of them reminiscent, with the yet notable exception of the ones north from Cluj-Napoca (Fanatele Clujului area). Some of them (Podu Oprei in Moldavia and Valea lui Mihai in the Romania's part of the Pannonian Basin) are from a long time not searched.

The population from Fanatele Clujului - Coparsae

The population from Fanatele Clujului - Margau Hill

The population from Fanatele Clujului - Craiu

The population from Bontida - Visea

The population from Boju-Straja Mare






















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