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Serratula wolfii Andrae


This species with a huge but very fragmented range, expansed from Japan, Mandschuria and Korea up to eastern Europe reaches it western limit in Transylvania (more precisely at Fanatele Clujului, north of Cluj-Napoca). The westernmost populations of it are in Moldavia and Transylvania - and they are the only ones from the European Union.

Despite the fact that the species resembles a whistle (Cirsium, Carduus) and so a ruderal species it is in fact not spiny and is one of the most rare meadow-steppe grassland representatives. Its range was drastically reduced due to its habitat reduction (the Chernozems and Phaeozems under the meadow-steppes are very fertile and virtually all the surfaces were plowed if the terrain was sufficiently plain or transformed into cattle pastures if affected by landslides), but also due to its extreme sensitivity to grazing (both cattle or sheep) and even mowing (the species flowers in august and spreads its seeds in late september while the mowing is performed in july).

The species is not included in any prioritary list, because it is to be found in EU only in Romania and our naturalists neglected its importance both as a species and ecosystem indicator until now.

The metapopulation from Cluj-Napoca - Fanatele Clujului

The population from Bontida-Visea

The population from Boju-Straja Mare

The population from Rascruci

The extinct population from Cojocna - Padurea Bisericii

The metapopulation from Apata-Miclosoara area






















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