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Nature protection in Romania and EU

Natura 2000 NGOs coalition Romania























Species sites

My Nature Portal Romania  (in Romanian but with a version partially in English) is a very nice site containing thousands of pictures and records of species from all taxa across all Romania. This makes it the most powerful one on this subject from the entire country. The single thing which stresses a bit the user is the fact that an account making is compulsory (with an e-mail confirmation) for accessing the information on the site. This hinders the access of most occasional users and transforms the site somehow into a community. But in contrast to our site the publication of pictures and information on My Nature Portal Romania is very facile after you have an account.

Eukarya, The Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna from Romania  (in Romanian) is quite similar to the previous site with the same compulsory account making which makes quite stressful the access of the occasional visitors seeking for rapid information on the nature of Romania. On the other hand the site design is very modern and the search engine a powerful one. It is not clear for us how a member can publish information here.

The Carpathian Basin Species is a Hungarian site which has an almost complete collection of species from the Pannonian and Transylvanian Basins (this is the meaning of 'the Carpathian Basin' in the vision of Hungarian geographers and historians. It is very useful for the Romanian florists if they deal with plants from Transylvania though some species are erroneously identified (i.e. Centaurea sadleriana). We really don't know why Google reports this site as being malicious (as on 5th of October 2009) but we really have to congratulate its authors for this magnificent collection and digital flora and fauna.









Online floras

Online Floras (eFloras)  with some online huge floristic works, the most important being the Floras of China, Pakistan, Chile. Maintained by the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Flora Europaea database

Atlas Florae Europeae from Finnish National Museum of National History






























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