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Centaurea orientalis L.



Flora Europaea

mesoxeric forest-steppe grassland element

north Balkan-north Pontic

Cirsio-Brachypodion, rarer Festucion valesiacae

R 34 habitats

in Romania, frequent in south-east and east, rare and local in Banat mountains and in Transylvania








This species is a north Balkan - north Pontic forest-steppe element. It is quite frequent in southern and eastern Romania but very rare in Transylvania where it occurs only in two known locations - Balauseri, Mures county (discovered by E. Fulop in 1977) and Barcut, Brasov county (discovered by Wachner in 1931 who mistook this species forCentaurea ruthenica Lam. ). The pioneer of the Transylvanian nature science, J. Baumgarten mentioned this plant from Rupea (Cohalm), Brasov county at the beginning of the XIXth century. This species is to be considered and protected in Transylvania as a regional rare endangered species.

The populations from Transylvania are totally isolated from the ones in rest of the whole range. Their peculiar genetic structure is illustrated by the fact that a distinct variety occurs frequently here, with pale flowers which seems to be absent everywhere else. This is var. elisabetae Badarau, Groza et Pestina described in 1996 .

The population fromm Balauseri, Mures county

The population from Barcut, Brasov county



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