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Centaurea atropurpurea Waldst. et Kit.



Flora Europaea

usually a mesoxeric calciphile saxicole rocky grassland species, in southern Transylvania also bahaving as a mesoxeric steppe grassland species with no saxicole preferences; in Banat mountains and Poiana Rusca massif and in the regions with an average multiannual temperature higher than 10degr C it can grow also on types of rocks other than limestones.

west Dacian - west Balkan

Stipio pulcherrimae-Festucetalia pallentis, in southern Transylvania also in Festucetalia valesiacae

R34 habitats, usually the saxicole ones (with the exception of southern Transylvania), in Banat mountains and Poiana Rusca massif also in R35s

In Romania in southern Apuseni Mountains, western Meridional Carpathians, Banat moutains, Poiana Rusca. In the hilly areas it can be found only in the Transylvanian Basin (south-western and western parts - in the western ones only on limestones) 




A nice plant, probably along with Centaurea clementei Boiss. from Spain the most beautiful in the whole subgenus Acrocentron; species spread in the whole west Balkan peninsula on rocks at lower altitudes, from Albania up to west of Cluj-Napoca. The species is wrongly reported from Ukraine in the former USSR. Its subalpine and boreal counterpart, somehow similar but different in any subtle character is Centaurea kotschyana Heuffel.

Cheile Tureni, Trascau Mountains, June 2008.

Cristian Malos, PhD student, crism2807@yahoo.com

Piatra Secuiului calcareous massif, Trascau Mountains, Alba county, June 2005.

dr. Alexandru Badarau, alexandru@transsilvanica.net

Pictures taken from my garden in Floresti, Cluj county on June 2004 on plants obtained from seeds collected in Piatra Secuiului massif, Trascau Mountains on calcareous rocks in August.2001. Sorry for the low resolution available at the time.

dr. Alexandru Badarau, alexandru@transsilvanica.com







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