Fanatele Clujului Margau meadow-steppe habitat

A very nice site, which along with the other two ones from "Fanatele Clujului" area is the single one which is not grazed with sheep in any time of the year - therefore its perfect conservation.

The site reveals its richness especially due to the abundance of Serratula lycopifolia (the second largest population of this species after the one from Fanatele Clujului south site) and of all other indicator species. Verbascum nigrum is also present here, though in small groups. Another great value treasured by the site is the largest population from the whole EU (as dr. Gerry Gulyas confessed to us in 2002) of the species Bulbocodium versicolor located on the western part of the site along the upper part of the slope and especially on the quite steep northern exposed cliff which is in fact the detachment cliff of the stabilized wavy landslides which cover the entire local slope. This file reveals the situation of the place on Google Earth.



















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