Fanatele Bojului - upper Valea Florilor meadow-steppe habitat

This meadow-steppe grasslands placed on a 'classic place' for Transsylvania (a landsliding large slope)

is now almost completely ruderalized

First the ruderalization began with the same cold season sheep grazing but now the meadow-steppe grassland is completely converted into a sheep pasture. In the 90's of the XXth century we found here yet a lot of Centaurea triumfetii ssp. axillaris, Echium russicum, Clematis integrifolia, Clematis recta, Dictamnus albus, etc. J. Freyn in a paper published in 1877 wrote that here Serratula lycopifolia 'is indeed abundant'. In 2002 a thorough investigation provided by our student Andrei Crisan succeeded in discovering a very single individual of the species in the entire area, of a plant that actively vegetatively propagate itself through stolons. Now the degradation of this habitat is almost complete. It is however also a classical example of what the effect of sheep grazing is upon the meadow-steppe habitats.

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