Bontida-Visea population of Serratula wolffii

This population associated with some fragments of meadow-steppe was discovered in august 2004 by Alexandru Badarau

The population lies on a flank of the Sarata Hill situated between Bontida and Visa villages, inside a derasional large valley were a mosaic of anticultural relic meadow-steppe grasslands and abandoned cropfields occur. Unfortunately the patches of natural habitat seem to be threatened by sheep overgrazing at least during autumn. The species richness and wonderful aesthetic aspect of these meadow-steppe grasslands are priceless. The populational groups of Serratula wolffii are small (usually a few individuals scattered all across the meadow-steppe grasslands) with the notable exception of two group.

The counting of the individuals gave on 5th of July 2008 50 individuals - the population is very weak but however not the weakest one (this is to be said about the Boju-Straja Mare population).


















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