Miclausoara-Apata metapopulation of Serratula wolffii

This is a very important and still viable metapopulation of this species (aside from the one at Fanatele Clujului / Cluj-Napoca) which is yet uncompletely known and needs further research and immediate protection

On the 'cernoziomoid-like' soils developed on the calcareous alluvial cones that comes from the mountains surrounding the Brasov Depression from the southern part of the Oriental Carpathian mountainous chain, there were developed large areas of meadow-steppe grasslands. In 1877 J. Freyn wrote that the species is abundant along the railway in between Apata and Augustin. Now there, on the western bank of Olt river (Brasov county) remained only one small population, recovered by Al. S. Badarau in august 2006 but on the opposite eastern bank (on the territory of Covasna county) there are still large compact populations of this species discovered by A.M. Csergo in 2007.



















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