the population of Goniolimon tataricum L.

from Rosia de Secas (Alba county)

This is probably the largest population of the species from Transylvania

It was discovered in july 2007 by Alexandru Badarau and Cristian Malos in four points north from the line of the villages Rosia de Secas - Tau (Alba county, along the northern Secas river).

In fact the actual populational groups are the mere rests of a much larger population which was probably continuous along the border of the lobated amphitheatre which opens to the north in the right slope of the Secas valley north from the line which links the two above mentioned villages.

The number of the flowering individuals was 196 as counted on 20th of August 2008 by Alexandru Badarau and Cristian Malos. Some pictures taken in the location two years before, in July 2006 can be seen here .

The Google Earth file with the data can be downloaded here. The main threats for this population is sheep overgrazing. A project in the area should implement







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