the population of Goniolimon tataricum L.

from Puini (Cluj county)

This population was mentioned only by V. Janka in the XIXth century. Since then nobody reported again its existence. One action conducted by us in 1999 failed but dr. Eszter Ruprecht reported in 2006 (verbal communication) that the species is still to be found in the area, though represented by an extremely weak residual group. Following her precise indications we were able to locate it on 24th of August 2008.

The population from Puini is in a very unusual cenotic context being located in Amygdaletum nanae scrub, a situation which was never encountered before and which maked the identification of the small remnant population very difficult. Howeverthe implementation of a project for saving the local population should be eased by the fact that it is included in the Natura 2000 site ROSCI0099 'Lacul Stiucilor-ic-Puini-Valea Legiilor' though the species was not mentioned in the file of the site among the important ones present there.

The Google Earth file with the location can be downloaded here. There are only 9 individuals left.

















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