the population of Goniolimon tataricum L.

from Apahida-Valea Calda (Cluj county)

This location mentioned and even positioned on a map by I. Prodan in 1932 is most probably extinct now. There are also some indications of this species provided by R. Soo in 1953.

All the investigations conducted by us in the area which is easy to be indentified as mapped by I. Prodan and is also quite small, have produced negative results. The location must be placed on the steep sunny slope of a landslide slope valley between 46 48 51.47N / 23 40 15.42E and 46 49 06.23N / 23 40 47.00E.

This is the peak of the small sunny cuesta of the landslide slope valley where there most probably the former population of Goniolimon tataricum was located according to the mapping provided by I. Prodan (1931). The two pictures above were taken in July 2008.















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