the population of Goniolimon tataricum L.

from Zau de Campie - Bota Mare Hill (Mures county)

This population was mentioned for the first time by Ghisa (1961) who discovered here also the rare species Nepeta ucranica. Unfortunately the location is not a part of the well known natural reservation for Paeonia tenuifolia which is actually placed on the opposite slope of the valley.

Beginning with 1990 the sheep overgrazing devastated the sunny steep slope of Bota Mare Hill and led to the local extinction of some rare species the most important ones being Centaurea trinervia and Iris pontica. The species Astragalus dasyanthus is also near the edge of extinction in the area while Nepeta ucranica yet has a numerous population. The populations of some commonly encountered steppe xeric species from the Transylvanian Plain (which provide abundant populations in well preserved sites) like Peucedanum tauricum, Echium rossicum, Serratula radiata, Dictamnus albus, Crambe tataria, Plantago argentea were heavily reduced.

The population consists of 57 individuals in 4 populational groups.

The Google Earth .kmz file containing the location data can be downloaded here.















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