Cojocna - Padurea Bisericii extinct population of Serratula wolffii

This is a sad example of an exctinct population of a rare species which can be exactly pinpointed

As is the case with many other rare species where simply the locality is mentioned also for Serratula wolffii we can find a lot of 'localities' where the sPecies was found in Transylvania - especially by the botanists of the XIXth century when the meadow-steppe grasslands - used as traditionally managed hayfields - seemingly still were quite a common presence in the landscape of Transylvania. However the exact place of the former populations of this species cannot be recovered. A notable exception to this is the mentioning of J. Freyn published in 1877 (the discovery of the plant here dates back in 1873 most probably) of Serratula wolffii from Padurea Bisericii (Church's Forest) near Cojocna village.

The location can be exactly pinpointed and we visited the place first in 2001 only to see that the plant (which was mentioned as abundant on the site) is completely gone due to the intensive sheep grazing in the area. The old meadow-steppe grasslands with Calamagrostis epigeios still exist at the site but are completeley ruderalized.

However the study of this site where Serratula wolffii was once abundant in the XIXth century can give us a plenty of data about the transformations suffered by meadow-steppe habitats due to overgrazing especially because comparative studies between this site and the ones where the species still survives cand be easily conducted in the future.



















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