Bontida - Jucu population of Centaurea ruthenica

This is the second surviving population of this species found in Transylvania and in the whole European Union. Discovered in 2000 by Al. S. Badarau and N. Dura while they investigated the local new discovered also populations of Astragalus exscapus ssp. transsylvanicus. the population suffered a major collapse in between 2003 and 2007 - from more than 250 to a mere 8 individuals

And this was due to sheep overgrazing in the interval 2003-2007 (before 2003 the area was used as a cattle pasture).  Since 2007 a black locust (Robinia pseudaccacia) plantation was made there in a vast program destinated to stop the active landslides developed on the slope. For the moment the grazing is forbidden at the spot but when the trees will grow in the coming 15 years they will produce again a lot of problems to the local population of the species. Due to the actual bad status of this local and now reminiscent population of Centaurea ruthenica we will, as in the case of the population from Boju-Straja Mare not provide the complete coordinates of the site here. As well, the researchers interested in this particular site should contact us at, or at or by phone at +40723170236 (SMS) to be assisted.



















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