Boju-Straja Mare population of Centaurea ruthenica

This is the population discovered by J. Freyn in 1877 (from 'Cojocna's meadows') rediscovered then by E.J. Nyarady and considered as a new location in june 1923 and seeminlgy visited by I. Prodan and A. Nyarady in 1948. The population was considered as lost for exactly 50 years until 15th of June 1998 when as a result of some long years of investigations and combining the few viable data available Al. S. Badarau recovered for the third time the place of this unique population

A population which in 1923 numbered hundreds of individuals and which provided seventy individuals taken as a whole (with their rhizomes) for Flora Romaniae Exsiccata. In the last 11 years the populations maintained itself at a level of 35-42 individuals. Due to its small dimensions the exact coordinated of the sites will not be provided here. All researchers interested in this particular population should contact us at, or by phone at +40723170236 (SMS) and under very well fundamented circumstances will be kindly assisted in their research.



















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