Fanatele Visei - Sarata meadow-steppe habitat

A very fragmented habitat located on two landsliding valleys situated one near the other 

This habitat was discovered by Al. S. Badarau in may 2001 when he followed, along with the much regreted dr. Gh. Groza the local large populations of Astragalus exscapus ssp. transsylvanicus which were also newly discovered here. In august 2004 he came here again to discover that the meadow-steppe grasslands from here contain also Serratula wolffii  and Serratula lycopifolia. In early april 2005 he asked dr. Gh. Groza to revisit the site because as in Boju and Fanatele Clujului sites, if the two Serratula rare species are present, Bulbocodium vernum must also be present on the steep shady clines from above the site at least as a remnant population. While dr. Gh. Groza was circumspect in the first phase he was surprised to see that the logic of this functioned and within one hour we were both in face of a totally new discovered population of Bulbocodium... This is another solid argument that the meadow-steppe grassland habitats on shady prolonged slopes and on deep chernozems and phaeozems were a common component of the forest-steppe from Transylvania, with Clematis integrifolia, Centaurea triumfettii ssp. axillaris, Serratula wolffii, Serratula lycopifolia, Bulbocodium vernum being common species within them.

The most rich valley from the two is the one to the east but here the patches of well preserved meadow-steppe grasslands with abundant Clematis integrifolia, Clematis recta, Centaurea triumfettii ssp. axillaris and Galium boreale and also patches of individuals of Serratula wolffii alternate with abandoned croplands in a strange and unpleasant mosaic. The valley to the north is much degraded due to seasonal sheep grazing with a lot of surfaces invaded by Thinopyrum intermedium. This part of the site is also interesting due to the presence of some landsliding mounds of 'glimea' type with xeric habitats on their clines (however without Astragalus exscapus ssp. transsylvanicus which is common on the sunny clines from the top of the hill above).

A file with the location of the site can be downloaded here.



















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